Radiant heat

Experience the soothing feeling of pleasant radiant heat. It feels like sitting in front of a fireplace or even like relaxing on a sun terrace on a sunny spring day. This pleasant oasis of wellbeing can be provided in your home by i2 infrared radiation products. Thanks to the latest flat panel technology i2 sets new standards in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.

i2 infrared heating panels directly warm up solid objects and bodies instead of only warming up the air like conventional systems do. Wall surfaces are directly warmed up, so stored heat can evenly and gently be released into the room air. Heat loss and uncomfortable drafts as well as dust swirls can be largely avoided. Infrared radiant heat offers a new convenience for your life.

Your benefits:

  • Higher comfort – heating as a concept for wellbeing
  • Cost effectiveness – profit from the high efficiency factor
  • Healthy room environment – ideal for people with allergies
  • Fits to your lifestyle – as a total heating concept or a complementary solution
  • Modern design – infrared panel as a style detail
  • Low mains rating – using the latest technology
  • Certified quality – TÜV and Seibersdorf (AIT)