WMT Infrared heating panels - Y-Panel®

The WMT Y Panel® combines qualitative design with innovative infrared flat panel technology. The new product line’s fascinating appearance is due to its elegant glass optics in Softline design and an incomparable thermal radiation with a maximum flexibility because of a modular structure.


The innovative flat panel technology combined with a newly developed special glass for minimal warming-up times and a maximum heat emission. The qualitative compact design combines light weight with a maximum heat output in the room.


The fascinating design with an integrated switch concept (also called touch solution) is an attractive heating solution due to its elegant frameless design. The body of the panel is kept in Softline-Design, so it seems like the Y-Panel floats in front of the wall.


The modular concept offers many enhancement options. There are capacities of 300-900 watts with only one cable connection from a master panel! Horizontal and vertical mounting options offer maximum flexibility for every home.

For more information and product photos are available on www.Y-panel.com.