Infrared radiator - Infrared PRO 2000

Infrared radiant heaters PRO 2000 are setting new standards for comfort and energy efficiency especially for outdoor applications.

Noticeably more heat outdoors

Infrared radiant heat has a unique and immediately noticeable advantage. It warms up the body instead of just the air. Without any preheating time you can immediately enjoy pleasant infrared heat. Infrared PRO 2000 is very efficient as well: There is an output of 92% of the used energy. The radiator has a durability of at least 5.000 hours, which is a guarantee for long lasting soothing heat.

Infrared PRO 2000
especially designed for outdoor use
• IP65 hose water protection
• particularly robust against weather conditions
• 2000 watt halogen tube for maximum warmth
and maximum energy efficiency

Technical data

Capacity: 1x 2000 watts
Mounting possibilites: wall, ceiling – including tilt bracket
Power supply: 230V / IP65
Connected load: 2500 mm with plug
Weight: 3.38 kg
Heated area: up to 16 m2 per lamp

Color selection

  • White
  • nano-anthracite