NEWS - Carmakers get sustainable


Carmakers get sustainable

Sustainability and efficiency are the focus of social rethinking. It is not just a main topic for branches like heating and electricity – renewable energies are becoming also increasingly important in traditional branches like the automotive industry.

Words like sustainability, environmental protection, in combination with the auto industry let us think about electric or hybrid models. But the auto industry has much more to offer in terms of sustainability. In addition to the so-called “cylinder downsizing” car manufacturers worldwide rely on natural materials and renewable raw materials for car interiors by now.

Whether in the dashboard or in the door panel, in countless new car models of popular car brands you will find natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, flax or even jute. The new Ford Focus you can even find Jean remains in the door panel as optical contrast. “The CO2 footprint of such natural fibers is often four times lower compared to conventional fibers”, reported the Weekend magazine in the article “Global change?”.
We can only hope that other sectors as well as outdated heating concepts with oil and gas soon dare a turnaround, and belong to the past.

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