NEWS - Boom of renewable energies


Boom of renewable energies

The share of electricity gained from renewable energy sources in the Austrian electricity network is growing steadily. This progress is ignored confidently by politicians though. The focus is only on the German electricity (primary energy) Index. “German electricity consists of about 45% coal, 10% natural gas, 15% nuclear power and about 27% of renewable energy. The last mentioned have a share of over 67% in Austria- no one cares, “says Dr. Fritz Binder Krieglstein in the current energie:bau magazine.

While the share of renewable energy is growing steadily, the average price of solar power decreased about 25% from the first to the second half of 2014, according to solar power storage price monitor the German Solar Industry Association (BSW). According to recent estimates of the BSW, over 15,000 households in Germany gain electricity from solar systems and electricity storage. In the evenings relevant parts of the power consumption can be obtained from the own solar system. Excess sun power from PV production is stored in the battery and consumed in the evening. In conjunction with infrared heating panels i2 offers maximum warmth at zero cost.

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