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Quality seal for top providers

IG infrared sets an example for quality

Infrared heating solutions are now an official and worthy alternative for heat pumps, biomass, gas & Co. The amended OIB Directive 6 allows electrical resistance heaters to be used as main heating system in new buildings. This opens up new opportunities as well as new challenges. “The industry establishes itself rapidly – the modified OIB Directive 6 supports this situation – and infrared heaters are becoming increasingly popular. We are aware that not just quality providers will be in the market, but also a lot of copycats will join the trend. We have to be ready for this change in market.” emphasizes chairman of IG Infrarot Mag. Thomas Reiter.

Based on the quality standards of the IG Infrarot a seal of approved quality has been developed. With this quality seal infrared heating technology manufacturers set an example for quality. This quality seal protects consumers against alleged top providers. The IG Infrarot label guarantees the best quality, resource-efficient production and efficient performance of the products. All members of the IG Infrarot are obliged to subject their products to a TÜV-type approval and boast a CE manufacturer’s declaration. In addition, the visit to the own and / or outsourced premises are to be allowed.

Founding member WMT sets example for quality

i2 customers benefit from the quality standards of the IG Infrarot seal. Certified infrared heating panels from WMT offer high energy efficiency, modern design, maximum comfort and even 5 years warranty on the function of the heater board.

More details about IG Infrarot quality seal conditions can be found here!

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