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New electricity rate

„Strom-Partner Privat Infrarot“ – the new reasonable electricity rate

In cooperation with the IG infrared – a community of European infrared heating providers – the STW group has expanded their current tariff offer due to the rapidly growing demand for infrared heating. The new electricity rate called “Strom-Parnter Privat Infrarot” is made especially for customers of IG-infrared members.

With the new “Strom Partner Private Infrarot” rate STW provides its customers 100% clean and CO2-free electricity for only 4.9 cents / kWh * including full-service around the clock.

As a customer of i2 you exclusively have the opportunity for an easy switch of your electricity provider, so you can benefit from the “Strom Partner Privat Infrot”-rate.

It simply works like that:
• Requesting ...
simply request energy supply contract at i2 office.
• Complete …
Fill out the energy supply form and transmit it directely to Stadtwerke Klagenfurt!
• Save …
With only 4,9cent per kWh * you will get clean and CO2-free electricity.

For more information about the new electricity rate please click ,where the community of interests for infrared is likely to inform you detailed about the supply for electricity tariff and concrete annual savings.


* Tariff referring to offer of STW excl. Net charges (for details see brochure) as from the 2nd year 5.7 cents / kWh.
This offer is valid for electricity deliveries to customers of IG infrared members with an annual consumption of up to 100,000 kWh.
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