NEWS - New community: IG Infrarot


New community: IG Infrarot

Infrared community opens new doors!

During a press conference, the new infrared community of interests (IG Infrarot) first presented themselves to the public. The club members are experienced European infrared heater manufacturers and have set the objective to establish infrared heating technology as a recognized and common heating solution for buildings.

Right now the infrared industry is booming because of efficient heating solutions. The demand has increased significantly in the last 5 years and emphasizes the potential of this area. “Due to great encouragement of the customers, numerous energy providers have now jumped on the train and seek cooperation with us”, said chairman of the newly established IG Infrarot, Mag. Thomas Reiter in yesterday’s press conference. Reiter also wishes to be included in future funding programs legitimated by the numerous advantages of infrared heating technology.

The IG infrared also offers a multi-vendor information platform on the Internet. Under interested parties can inform themselves about “Heating with Infrared”. We – i2 innovation.infrarot – are pleased to have our strong partner WMT in this pioneering community of interest.

Learn more about the benefits of infrared and objectives of the IG Infrarot!

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