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Infrared in new building

Good news for producers of infrared heating technolgy
National Council changes OIB directive 6

The newly adapted draft of the OIB directive 6 “Energy saving and heat retention” of the Austrian Institute for Structural Engineering, the continuation of a general prohibition on electrical heating was provided. This prohibition would have banned outdated electric heating as well as innovative infrared heating solutions for main heating systems in new buildings with a specific heating load of more than 10W / sqm.

In the newly published guidelines for 2015, which were decided on 26 March by the General Assembly of the OIB, the proposed prohibition has not been implemented and deleted. Infrared heating technology can now be installed as a full main heating system in new buildings. Now there are completely new possibilities for private and business customers regarding combinations with building technology.

“The prohibition of meaningful electric heaters such as infrared heating systems is dispensed. Energy generated by PV can now be suitably weighted and offset in the required energy audits and efficiency assessments of residential buildings. ” says the i-magazine. In this context, great opportunities for electricians and electrical engineers are seen. Thanks to the amended directive more tasks in the field of efficient heating systems in the future can be carried through to the primary responsibility of electricians.

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