NEWS - Exemplary electricity production in Austria


Exemplary electricity production in Austria

Austria’s electricity production is more environmentally friendly than ever. In 2014 80.1 percent of the electricity demand was derived from renewable resources. For comparison: in 2013 only 77 percent were gained from renewables. In 2014 Austria produced 52.18 TWh of electricity from renewable energy sources.

For 2015, one special state catches the eye. – Lower Austria is the most environmentally friendly state of Austria. 100% of the electricity was gained from renewables. 61 percent of the electricity generated comes from hydropower, 26 percent from wind power, 9 percent from biomass and two percent of the electricity obtained from photovoltaic systems. “We are independent of electricity from fossil fuels,” said Governor Erwin Pröll proudly in a press conference.

Germany moves up

In Germany, the share of renewables rises sharply as well. In 2014 about 27 percent of Germany’s electricity was generated from renewable resources. This year, this figure is already much higher. According to early estimates a third of Germany’s gross electricity consumption to be sourced from renewable sources for the first time this year. Until the end of 2015, Germany produced up to 193 billion kWh of electricity from solar, wind and other alternative sources.

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