NEWS - “Energy guzzler”: central heating


“Energy guzzler”: central heating

The recent “klimaaktiv” training event for property developers, installers and energy advisors makes it clear how much energy is wasted by conventional heating systems. Heating load calculations are often omitted during installation, so oversizing and hydraulic errors are the result and very often lead to high energy losses. “Circulation pipes for a central hygienic hot water supply are also a major source of loss. Very often circulation pipes lose the same amount of energy as it required for the thermal preparation. “, explains a current article in Energie-Bau magazine.

In contrast, modern infrared heaters convince through precise thermal input without heat losses and precise individual room control. WMT infrared heating panels can be used flexibly and generate heat exactly where you need it. Through individual heat zones you can create precise comfort areas and provide efficient heating.

Experience the soothing feeling of pleasant radiant heat. It feels like you are sitting in front of a fireplace or even like relaxing on a sun terrace on a sunny spring day. This pleasant oasis of wellbeing can be provided in your home by i2 infrared radiation products. More about the function and efficiency of infrared heaters can be found here!

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