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Electricity: future’s energy

Electricity is the energy of the future due to rapid development of Electrical Engineering and renewable technologies. The National Guild of electrical engineers and their seal of quality – the e-brand Austria – call electricity an efficient solution for long-term cost savings.
“The e-brand Austria has ideas for the future of housing.” says Gottfried Rotter, Managing Director of e-brand Austria in the current issue of energie: bau magazine. Tenants and home builders are to be relieved of costs by an energy-efficient system of alternative power generation combined with innovative use of electricity.

The idea is based on a combination of photovoltaics, an efficient control system, a quality infrared heating system, water heating and a modern storage system from LI batteries. This combination supports the environment, replaces combustion systems and achieves cost savings as well.

i2 innovation.infrarot has certainly recognized the potential of these sustainable energy efficient solutions and offers its customers economical overall concepts and building solutions for infrared heating technology.
Several studies give evidence of potential savings in energy consumption of up to 30%, when replacing conventional heating installations with efficient infrared heating systems. Alongside the sharply increasing price of fossil fuel energy, the need to protect our environment is further argument for moving to modern WMT infrared heating systems when undertaking renovation or reconstruction.
Let’s hope that these efficient concepts will soon gain attention at the political level as well.

Source: Magazine for Architecture & Technology | 02/2015 – energie: bau

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