NEWS - Low-cost electricity until 2020


Low-cost electricity until 2020

Good prospects for electricity price at stock market

Many people are already aware that photovoltaics and wind power are increasingly gaining popularity in the energy sector. But how much influence these profitable forms of energy have on the price of electricity, remains largely unheeded. Renewables have lowered the price of electricity in Europe sustainably. According to a recent study by the US investment bank Lazard this price level is to be maintained until at least 2020.

“Old energy” gets more and more uneconomical

Because of increased popularity of renewable energies the so-called “old energy” is becoming more and more inefficient. Due to the current low electricity prices harmful burning of oil, gas and now even lignite are increasingly becoming phased-out models. This situation gives the environment, climate and consumers who rely on renewable energy, a significant advantage.
A proper use of photovoltaics is efficient and sustainable. Surplus solar power gained from an own PV production is stored in the battery and used at night. Using photovoltaics in conjunction with infrared heating panels from i2 is very efficient. Doing so you benefit from maximum warmth at zero cost.


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