Heating costs savings

…thanks to innovative flat panel technology.


The infrared heating principle is tied to the principle of naturally radiated warmth. The savings potential of infrared heating panels is dependent on several factors and on the significant differences to conventional (convection) heating systems.

In total, these factors offer a savings potential of up to 30% against comparable systems when used as the main heating system. For isolated heating solutions to replace fan heaters, the savings can be considerably higher.


Savings tip: A pleasant “real feel” temperature setting for a high quality infrared heating system is usually 2-3 degrees lower than with normal heating appliances, as the directly radiated warmth and the increased wall surface temperature lead to less heat loss from the body. A temperature reduction of just 1 degree represents approximately 6% decrease in heating costs.


Results from research and practical experience:

Several studies give evidence of potential savings in energy consumption of up to 50%, when replacing conventional heating installations with efficient infrared heating systems. Alongside the sharply increasing price of fossil fuel energy, the need to protect our environment is further argument for moving to modern WMT infrared heating systems when undertaking renovation or reconstruction. In new-build projects, clever combination of renewable energy and low energy building methods offers an ideal opportunity to make use of infrared heating.


Example: Refurbishment of a 75m² apartment, changing from night storage radiators to modern WMT infrared heating panels.

Annual heating costs prior to refurbishment: €907.-

Annual heating costs after refurbishment: €660.-

Heating cost saving of 27%