Flat-panel technology

The unique flat panel technology was developed by WMT to achieve best efficiency. This know-how of infrared radiation is used for various applications. Technical applications such as drying systems are combined with high performance and low energy consumption. Comfort and quality of life are defined in a new way when it comes to soothing warmth in every room.


WMT Infrarot Flatpanel-Technologie

Our unique flat panel technology was developed through a close cooperation between WMT engineers and research laboratories. The cutting edge technology ensures that maximum heat radiation for minimum energy use can be achieved with units as thin as 2mm. The use of innovative plate heating technology removes the need for live cables or heating coils within the heating plate. Applying electrical energy to the heating plate generates a uniformly distributed core temperature of approx. 85ºC. At this temperature the heating plate emits infrared “C” radiation thanks to the special properties of the materials employed in the manufacture of the plate. Reflector technology is used to direct this radiation as it given off into the surrounding space. Thanks to WMT’s flat panel technology, complete living quarters can be heated with comparatively low energy consumption levels of 300-800W.

With our infrared know-how, we provide solutions in many different application areas. Our technical solutions, e.g. Drying Systems, are known for combining high performance with low energy consumption. When it comes to wellness and room heating, our solutions redefine the concepts of comfort and quality of life.

Proven quality for your peace of mind

As an Austrian manufacturer, WMT places great value on the quality and safety of the products we develop. Multiple test results and certifications confirm our high quality standards:

  • CE-Certification
  • TÜV-AUSTRIA product category testing
  • Certified by the Seibersdorf Research Center (Austrian Institute of Radiation)
  • EMC-Tested (result: only 2.2 % of the permitted interference levels)
  • Over 50,000 hours defect-free in long term stress testing
  • Over 30,000 heating appliances in operation